go.eIDAS Summit 2021 celebrates 5th eIDAS Anniversary and provides “eIDAS (P)Review”

[Lichtenfels, 2021/06/15] The eIDAS-Regulation has been fully in force for five years now and is facing a revision, which will pave the way for even more successful application of secure digital identities in the future. In combination with the Single Digital Gateway (SDG) this will also cover cross-border e-government services across Europe. Against this background, the non-profit go.eIDAS e.V. and the mGov4EU project (https://mGov4.EU), which is funded within the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, have assembled leading international experts and stakeholder in the sector of secure digital identities, trust services and mobile government to exchange latest experiences, knowledge and ideas. The go.eIDAS Summit 2021 will take place on 01 July 2021 as online event. You are cordially invited to virtually meet the experts in this area and register now for the free event at https://go.eID.AS/summit.

Enabling user-centric mobile services across Europe

Building upon previously existing electronic signatures and qualified certificates, the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014draft for an updated regulation. Against this background, go.eIDAS e.V. and mGov4EU have invited leading international experts and stakeholder in the sector of secure digital identities, trust services and mobile government to provide a review of the past and an outlook into the future. This “eIDAS (P)Review” will take place on 01 July 2021 within the go.eIDAS Summit 2021 (https://go.eID.AS/summit), which will be conducted as online event.

Supported by leading experts from 11 EU Member states

The go.eIDAS Summit 2021 will be opened by Norbert Sagstetter from the European Commission and will assemble leading experts from Austria, Belgium, France, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and last but not least the Netherlands. “We are pleased that so many leading experts have kindly accepted our invitation for the go.eIDAS Summit in order to explain and discuss the fast moving regulatory landscape within and around eIDAS”, adds Tina Hühnlein, chair of go.eIDAS e.V. and dissemination & communication partner of mGov4EU. “Now it is your turn to join us and register for the free event in order to participate in the enlightening discussions.”

The covered topics include:

  • eIDAS – A (P)Review
  • Mobile and cross-border eID – State of play and future directions
  • Qualified trust services – an outlook into the future&g
  • The future of eGovernment – Towards implementing the Single Digital Gateway

Register here free of charge for the go.eIDAS Summit 2021.

About the mGov4EU Project

mGov4EU pushes forward the practical use of inclusive mobile Government services in Europe, bringing such services in line with EU citizens’ expectations for safe, resilient, and sustainable mobile communication. Innovating electronic identity management, storage of data and the exchange of electronic documents are key elements. Starting from the foundation of Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR), mGov4EU provides new ways of cross-border service provision correlated and interlinked with eIDAS Regulation on cross-border identification and authentication. mGov4EU leverages for the first time both together, SDGR and eIDAS for mobile-device usage.

Please refer to https://mGov4.EU for further information and latest news with respect to mGov4EU project.

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