What We Do

mGov4EU pushes forward the practical use of inclusive mobile Government services in Europe, bringing such services in line with EU citizens’ expectations for safe, resilient and sustainable mobile communication. Innovating electronic identity management, storage of data and the exchange of electronic documents are key elements.
Starting from the foundation of Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR), mGov4EU provides new ways of cross-border service provision correlated and interlinked with eIDAS Regulation on cross-border identification and authentication. mGov4EU leverages for the first time both together, SDGR and eIDAS for mobile-device usage.


mGov4EU mobilises the existing eIDAS interoperability infrastructure (“eIDAS Layer”) and introduces user-friendly mobile authentication with Single Sign-On and privacy-preserving identity and consent management for cross-border eGovernment processes.


mGov4EU leverages the emerging “Single Digital Gateway Layer” in order to create a trustworthy federation of collaborative platforms, which facilitates the co-delivery, reuse, and trustworthy provision of accessible and easy to use public and private services, which implement the once-only and digital-by-default principle across Europe.


Multiple mGov4EU pilots implement and validate the enhanced infrastructure services for electronic voting, smart mobility and mobile signing.

mGov4EU in a nutshell

The mGov4EU project follows a Citizen-centric approach to provide a bridge between eIDAS and the Single Digital Gateway in order to enable Mobile Cross-Border Government Services for Europe.


The mGov4EU consortium:




Technical Leader

Danube University Krems


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

go.eIDAS e.V.


University of Tartu

Scientific Leader


Graz University of Technology


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